The mixture of traditional skills and modern technology

  • Maiko carves the shape herself on wax and makes silver samples for working out the size and to see multi dimensional form in order to make the stone carving process more accurate.
    uncut Jet next to the wax designs
  • The shape is drawn on the rough jet pieces
    small pieces of jet ready for marking by pencil
  • The jet piece is carved roughly according to the line drawing
    rough cut jet
  • The shape is refined according the form of the silver and wax samples
    the pieces are refined to the samples
  • Sandpaper is used to make the surface smooth and polish to give the pieces shine
    polished jet pieces
  • In some pieces the stones are cut specially to fit the design.
  • grinding stones
  • Selecting right hue, tone and saturation of the stone one by one
    stone colours hand matched
  • Laser welding machine
    Laser welder
  • Some parts are put together after stone setting by laser welding
    through the laser welder window
  • inside the laser welder
  • inside the laser welder